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Car Accessories

SpeakersDurable Alarm systems
from Ksh 5,000/= inclusive fitting.

SpeakersRadios with U.S.B, MP3, C.D and cassette ports
from Ksh 7,500/=

SpeakersSpeakers 130w, 190w, 300w
from Ksh 2,500/=

SpeakersAlloy Rims
from Ksh 17,000/= a set.

SpeakersNew tyres
from Ksh 14,000/= a set.

SpeakersAir fresheners
from Ksh 250/=

SpeakersEngine oil (for petrol & diesel engines)
from Ksh 1,500/=

SpeakersTurbo timer
from Ksh 6,000/= inclusive fitting.

SpeakersGear locks
from 5,000/= for both manual and automatic transmission gears.

SpeakersBrake fluid
from Ksh 100/=

SpeakersSeat covers
from Ksh 4,500/= inclusive fitting for both 5 and 7 seats.

SpeakersChrome kits
from Ksh 11,500/= a set.

SpeakersFloor mats (material & plastic)
from Ksh 1,500/= a set.